Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee

FlyCleaners is committed to providing you with reliable and timely service.

Delayed Order

We will give you a $5 credit if your laundry or dry-cleaning order is delayed.

A laundry order or dry cleaning order is considered delayed if it is not ready for delivery at the time selected for delivery. This does not include deliveries that are delayed but en route.

This is subject to the following conditions:

  • There were no major US holidays during that period of time.
  • Your dry cleaning order contained 20 or fewer garments.
  • Your order contained no items requiring special attention, an unusual amount of care, or a significant amount of repair.
Legal Terms and Conditions

On-time Guarantee

We offer an on-time guarantee for our services, and will credit your account with a $5 credit for each Delayed Order where no Exception applies (the “Guarantee”). Credits will only be applied to your account only, are non-transferable, and have no independent cash value. “Delayed Order” means a laundry order that is not ready to be delivered at the time selected for delivery or a dry-cleaning order that is not ready at the time selected for delivery. The Guarantee is your exclusive remedy in the event of a Delayed Order (“Service Failure”).


A Service Failure will not exist if any of the following (each, an “Exception”) applies:

The Delayed Order was scheduled for delivery on a known high-traffic day (such as the Wednesday immediately prior to Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas Day, and the day before New Year’s Day), a special event day (such as the NYC Marathon/Bike Tour, dignitary visits, parades, demonstrations, UN Week, etc.) or a severe inclement weather day, and was delivered within 90 minutes of the scheduled appointment time/window. If your order is placed and the processing time spans a major holiday (such as New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, etc.). You provide us with an incorrect address or ZIP code, which causes the Delayed Order. Your account was not in good standing, or had an invalid method of payment, and delivery of an order was delayed pending the resolution of such issues.


The following limitations apply:

No credit for a Delayed Order will be issued if your dry-cleaning order contained more than twenty garments, or the dry-cleaning order contained items requiring special attention, an unusual amount of care, or a significant amount of repair.

Additional Provisions

The Guarantee can be suspended, modified or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. If the Guarantee is suspended or revoked, we make no other promises or regarding Delayed Orders. This Guarantee is subject to applicable law.