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How FlyCleaners Works

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Download the app and set up your account and preferences. Schedule a pickup, confirm the time, and we'll send a courier out to get your dirty laundry!


A courier will come to your door, pick-up your clothes and take them away to be cleaned!


Our partner facilities will wash, fold, press and dry clean your garments according to the specifications you selected in the app.


You'll be notified that your clothes are ready. Set up a delivery and clean, fresh clothes will be on their way to your door!

The FlyCleaners App

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Need a pickup ASAP? Choose the earliest available pickup and we’ll rush right over!

Or later

If you would like to use FlyCleaners later in the day simply tap Explore Other Times. Select an appointment from available days and times and tap Confirm.

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Track your Orders

Every step of the way

You'll be notified as your wash and fold, wash and press, and dry cleaning orders are picked-up, being cleaned, and ready for delivery.

We have history

All of your orders are conveniently listed in the app, showing details of each garment cleaned, all pricing, and your order total.

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Feel Special

Preferential treatment

Specify your laundry preferences within the app, such as fabric softener, bleach for whites, or green cleaning.

As you like it

After you confirm your pick-up, you can note any special instructions for your order.

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Get Total Support

Open lines

FlyCleaners makes it easy to contact your local provider. Use the app to call or chat with your cleaner


We need your help! Rate cleaners and couriers to help us find the best providers!

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This is the best thing to ever happen to me. 1. Download the app. 2. App says we are 8 minutes from your house. 3. Man arrives and takes laundry. 4. I shed a single tear of joy for now having proof that God still loves us.


This is the greatest thing created by mankind in New York. I will never have to carry laundry again.


I tried Flycleaners out myself, and I have to admit that the service was great.

Anthony Ha, TechCrunch

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